Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Mini-Skirts and The Man-Eaters

I recently watched two girl gang movies from 1968.  Both were about bad ass motorcycle girl gangs. 
The first was She-Devils on Wheels, which I have to admit was my favorite out of the two.  The girls call themselves the Man-Eaters and their vests are pretty rad.   Basically the gang races each other on a daily basis to decide who gets first pick of the Studs, which are their groupies.  They also raise a little hell and get revenge.  

This picture would cut in between scenes an spin around, like in the old Batman series, with the roaring sounds of motorcycles.  I think the movie would've been fifteen minutes shorter if they just left it out.

They beat up the rival gang which was some hot rod racing boys which I have to admit were pretty cute.  Mustaches, beards and tight pants.  Way more cute than their "studs".

        Watch this movie!  Even if it's only the last twenty minutes.  

The Mini-Skirt Mob sounded like it would be a promising movie.  I'm a tad disappointed.


    Shayne is the leader of the Mini-Skirts.  The toughest one of course.   I would say she's crazy.  She can't let go of an old flame and terrorizes him and his new bride.  That is the whole movie.

 Also in this movie, the end, lets say the last thirty minutes is the best.  My son enjoyed it.   Lets just say beers, bullets, and molotov cocktails .

If the Mini-Skirts and the Man-Eaters got into a fight the Man-Eaters would DESTROY the Mini-Skirts.

Till next time, hoping I'm a little more computer savvy so this doesn't take a day to do and look like it took twenty minutes.
SCarlet FeVer


Downtown Dolls said...

OMG--I'm so glad the pics worked SCARlet; this post is soooooooooooo awesome now! I can't wait to watch these at some point, they're on my netflix queue
-Joan Threat

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