Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Warriors

A couple of weeks ago, I took a day trip down to Coney Island in hopes of taking some rad pictures of the rides, games, etc. Unfortunately it was still the off-season and the magic that is CI remained chained up. However, I was told about an epic gang movie from the late '70s called The Warriors.

Tagline: These are the armies of the night. 
I would NOT go out at night in NYC if this was real.

The Walter Hill directed classic begins with Cyrus, the leader of the Gramercy Riffs (most powerful gang in the city) calling every gang in NYC to come together in the Bronx. The reason for this  meeting is to join forces and overtake the police force and RUN NEW YORK CITY.

Cyrus gets the crowds to go along with his plan to take over and just as everyone is chanting and cheering, the leader of The Rogues pulls out a gun and shoots Cyrus dead. Pandemonium ensues as the NYPD rush the scene. Luther, the leader of The Rogues, yells it was The Warriors who shot Cyrus dead (what a bastard!) and gangs start attacking The Warriors, killing their leader. The other eight manage to escape (thank goodness; otherwise, the title of this movie would have been a little off).

This sets up the plot for a fast paced movie showcasing just how dangerous New York City really is. The Warriors must make it from the Bronx all the way down to Coney Island (their home turf).

This must have been before they realized every gang was after them

Leather jackets with embroidery. Legit.

The Warriors encounter several different gangs along their journey home to Brooklyn including the Baseball Furies (absolutely terrifying looking dudes), The Punks, and The Orphans, whose girl they pick up. She tags along with Swan (yes, his name is Swan) for the rest of the film. The Lizzies, a girl gang (holla!) try to seduce and then take down The Warriors. Thankfully the boys are able to escape from the clutches of these temptresses, but it is then they realized they've been wrongfully accused of Cyrus' death. 

Would never want to come across this dude.

The most memorable moment of the movie is when Luther of The Rogues tries to get The Warriors to come fight them. The famous line is: "Warriors, come out and plaaaay."

You can totally hear him saying it here

As to whether or not The Warriors come out alive in the end, you'll just have to watch the movie. (It's only 93 minutes... 93 edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting minutes) 

After watching this movie, I'm glad the DTD don't have any rival gangs (that we know of). It did make me want to be a more badass gang member though. Highly recommend watching this if you haven't already. 

Till next time. 


Kill E. Ka-POW-ski


Joan Threat said...

Must watch again! updating my netflix queue SOON

alnezar nur-in said...

the warriors is so beautiful....... we are idoling them...

nur-in nasalin said...

nur-in - mercy,fox and snow.....
alnezar - swan,cowboy,ajax and vermin.....
munir - rembrant, cleon and cochise.....

all the warriors we're inlove to them and we are playing it in playstation and psp....

Anonymous said...

шикарный фильм! один из любимых!))

Anonymous said...

If you like The Warriors, check out this musical tribute I found from this band. Track 11 is called "Come out to play..." Absolutely Amazing.

Anonymous said...

can i have a suggestion . the game he warriors is cool and very amazng .. i like to have a new game the warriors with extra gangster and character . tnx .

KAPLOENZ™ said...

Download video THE WARRIORS

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