Monday, June 13, 2011

Lights, Lungs, and The Family Jewels

I admittedly have somewhat of an obsessive personality. I find something that I like, and I like it hard. Typically I covet items that I know I just shouldn't spend the money on, [like Makeup Forever concealer that's too expensive to justify], hair color [hence the reason I'm having SCarlet FeVer work her magic this weekend] and/or music & movies. Lately I've been obsessed with a few incredible female artists, interestingly all from across the pond.

Marina and the Diamonds

Marina Diamandis is Marina and the Diamonds: a gorgeous 25 year-old Welch babe putting out some not-so-mainstream pop music. "Obsessions", in my opinion, has much to do with what it's like to have OCD, or just anxiety about something in general. As someone who feels anxious quite often, this was relatable to me. Her sense of style is unlike others, often donning some or all of a cheerleading outfit, bright and girly pinks and Mickey Mouse themed get-ups. Her music videos pull me in and force me to watch, the "Oh No" video showcases Marina's youthful spirit and is peppered with an old comic book flavor. The "Obsessions" video is her piecing together metal bars into shapes, but you have to wait till the end to find out what she created [hint: it has very little to do with the song].

Favorite lyrics:

Don't want cash, don't want car
Want it fast, want it hard
Don't need money, don't need fame
I just want to make a change

Oh No - The Family Jewels

Florence + the Machine

Florence Welch has a haunting voice... she just exudes a mystical quality that makes me believe she's not 100% human. Her songs are so powerful that the first time I listened to "Dog Days Are Over" [no it was not during the Eat, Pray, Love preview] I sat on my bed and got a little misty-eyed. Then, I proceeded to listen to the song on repeat for the next half hour, freestyle contemporary danced around my room as if I'd just discovered life. It was a powerful moment. Every song on her debut album Lungs is a winner. This is a must own. Buy it now if you don't already own... or if you know me, ask politely and you can copy my CD.

Favorite lyrics: 

I took the stars from my eyes,
And then I made a map,
I knew that some how,
I could find my way back,

Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too,
So I stayed in the darkness with you

Cosmic Love - Lungs

Ellie Goulding

This blonde babetron resides in the UK and has a lovely sound, singing with a girl-voice in likes of CocoRosie. Her cover of Elton John's "Your Song" provides a more delicate rendition of a classic love song. All of her original songs like "Starry Eyed", "Under the Sheets" and my [current] favorite "Wish I Stayed" are very enjoyable and a nice alternative to the fluff featured on the radio. 

Favorite Lyrics:

I don't own my clothes but I own my mind
And it's not what you've lost
But it's what you find

Wish I Stayed - Lights

These artists are what's hot in my book right now. Although, judging by my taste, any female singer with an accent and some gold glitter is what I like...


Kill E. Ka-POW-ski 

P.S. ALMOST forgot to mention... seeing Marina and Florence next week and I've already seen Ellie 2x. BOOM!


Wild as a Mink said...

I should've known you'd like Marina and the Diamonds too...I wanted to see her, I think this week right? Whatever the case I didn't even mention it to anyone because I figured no one would want to go :( boo...but there's still Florence (I'll be outside the gates, you'll be inside, right?), Lykke (we can both sit outside the gates), Ellie (at Terminal 5...did those tix go on sale cause I did not buy mine?), and I'm sure many more!

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

still haven't listened to ellie after all the times you've recommended her! so behind on new music!

Brooke J said...

Marina is in a week, you should see if there are still tickets. Feel free to come hang out with me in line for Florence. I get done early on Fridays so I'll probably just head over there and catch some sun while I wait in line.

I didn't buy Ellie tickets since I've seen her 2x, figured I should save my $$. But I adore her.

Maresa, check her out. I think you'll enjoy it!

Isquisofrenia said...

yeah girl, 27 hours, i think yeah dont have kids!!!
but wait is this your new blog???
i really like it!
its different and cool.

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