Monday, November 28, 2011

Guy Crush: Workaholic's Blake Anderson

I don’t usually go for goofy stoner "brah" men, but somehow Blake Anderson has crept up and knocked my socks off.  He’s one of the main writers and lead characters in the Comedy Central show Workaholics.  

The show is about three California boys who lived together in college and have maintained their friendships and living situation as they try to make their way into adulthood.  It’s a sort of coming-of-age meets quarter-life-crisis story of three guys not quite ready to let their youth go, but not nearly mature enough to be taken seriously as adults. 

The show details their exploits as they try to prove how cool they still are and, of course, try to impress ladies.  On paper it sounds like my worst nightmare, but the three characters are so endearing that it’s impossible to hate them. 

Blake is my personal favorite because he is the timid voice of reason.  He’s the good guy with a heart of gold who gets a little nervous when things get out of hand.   He thinks he’s a total badass but he’s totally the moral compass in the group.  

A big, lovable teddy bear, one could say.  

He also always wears printed 70’s button downs with wide ties to work.  I’m a vintage gal, so I love a boy who can rock such a cheesy look and still look  good.  And that 70’s mustache…  Not normally a fan but his is definitely an exception. 

And there’s also this…

Who knew curly hair could look so sexy when it's wet?  

Blake is just a pup.  I can't even find his age on the internet (ok, ok, I didn't look that hard) but we all know I don't discriminate against younger men.  And Jesus, can you blame me?

Blake, next time you're in NYC, come hang with the Dolls.  We'll have a slumber party with pillow fights, punching practice and then we can all braid each other's hair.  Or something.  

love and punches,
Mess Demeanor


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