Monday, December 12, 2011

Girl Crush: Alexis Krauss

 My current girl crush is Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells. They're what you call a "noise pop duo" out of Brooklyn. They're sound and lyrics remind me a lot of what the Downtown Dolls are all about but the crush on Alexis goes further than her band. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not too much of a pop queen but Sleigh Bells is just fun.

Before she grew up to become the tattooed, crowd-rocking singer of the Brooklyn noise-pop band Sleigh Bells, Alexis Krauss was in a much more traditional pop band: the forgotten all-girl teen-pop group Rubyblue. She's also done her time as a 4th grade teacher. She's got that perfect Dolls-like balance of naughty & nice.

"Sexi Lexi" as some call her could easily hang with the dolls - she loves Lykke Li, Twin Peaks and tacos.  She's also got an awesome personal style going on that combines 80's glam, hardcore punk and urban street-chic. A girl after our own hearts.

She's sultry, tough, and just plain cool.  The video for "Infinity Guitars" gives further reason to be wary of rogue cheerleaders strutting around Brooklyn with baseball bats. Perhaps we can take a cue from Lexi and dream up our next Dolls stunt. We've already got two ex-cheerleaders in the gang  - add some bats and our intimidating vests and we'll be well on our way to ultimate fear.

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She is beautiful!

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