Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Currently Obsessed

How's your week going so far? A few of us dolls are feeling under the weather but that won't stop us from obsessing over these awesome things:

Stevie Kick's current obsession is cooking..." haven't been doing or exploring much this week haha.
 Especially looking through this blog: full of great recipes, pretty things and inspiration. Just lovely."

MessDemeanor doesn't want to admit that she's obsessed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  "cuz I'm too tough to obsess over boys, so let's just say I really love THIS".

Joan Threat's current obsession is her BFF's visit(s), her first arrival is set for this Thursday morning! "Amy will be in town 2x this month for business, which means extra hangout time with the bestie!  It's great, because we lives hundreds of miles apart and don't get to see eachother often enough.
We've got a jam packed itinerary of fun things to do when we're both not busy with work.  From manicures to concerts, to mutual friend's birthday parties...its gonna be a great February with my best gal, Amy."

Snowflake is currently obsessed with with the illustrations by Mary Blair from the children's book: I Can Fly. " When I was babysitting this week, I picked this book us and instantly fell in love with all of the cute little outfits the character was wearing!! Figures it was done in the 50's. 


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