Sunday, February 12, 2012

Theme Song worthy of the DTD

I sometimes daydream that there's a movie made about the Downtown Dolls.  
(it started happening moreso, as in almost everyday, when a friend of mine suggested that MIA's new song should be the gang's theme song)

You know the kind of movie I'm talking about, the kind where the introductory scene introducing the viewer to the DTD would be a little something like the gang walking down Bedford Ave (or Manhattan Ave. or anywhere in BK really).  Of course it would be shot in Slo-Mo (like that scene in every teen movie from the 80s and 90s), because slow motion makes it wayyyyyy more dramatic.  

But the key prop to the scene would be the old school boombox...
and I imagine this to be propped up on Mess Demeanor's shoulder as her brass knuckles, around the chain on her neck, bang in rhythm against her chest as she steps in beat with the song.  
I'd probably be twirling my antique pistol (new weapon for now) around my finger during the chorus of whatever song spewed forth from said boombox.  
And I can hear the clink of Stevie Kicks' spurs keeping time with the song.
Snowflake would make good with a fire in her eye and a snarl on her lip...and her hands clutching her chinese throwing star of course.

However, the question begs to ask...what would this song be?
What would be coming forth from that boombox while these bad girls walked the street?

--The MIA song, "Bad Girls", does have a desirable line or two, such as:
Live Fast, Die Young...Bad Girls do it Well

But a truer vision of my girl gang was always somewhat inspired by the rockabilly thing from back in the day.  The "Greaser Look", even though we don't really look like that, its still my first inclination to think of when I consider gang imagery.  Naturally then, my hunt for a gang song leads me over to the hot hotties known as The Stray Cats.
And if only we were still as young as we look (um ok, I'll admit, claiming we look like teenagers is just wishful thinking.) this song, "Rebels Rule", could serve my purpose well:

Then of course, anyone knowing me and my musical preferences (both of 1960s girl groups, and shitty hairmetal of the 1980s) would immediately suggest "Leader of the Pack", and I'd probably be inclinded to go with the Twisted Sister remake
(for shits n giggles...c'mon, who doesn't love Dee Snider?)

Hmmmmmmmm though, this song is a little slow, more about some h.s. crush that apparently is a "bad boy" and we're girls.
Plus, do metal dudes and "bad boys" even hang out at candy stores?  Let alone the DTD?
(Ok, I take that back...I would sooooooo hang out at a candy store.  Hellooooo!  Economy Candy!)

On my hunt for the perfect song, I did come across some lyrics that pretty much seem to go hand in hand with the Downtown Doll's appearance:
They're taking lipstick out tonite/It's a rumble with the gang debs
These girls are gearin' up to fight/It's a rumble with the gang debs
What a pity, its probably a little too twee for what I'm looking for.  

ahhhhhhhh, great
What's a girl gang to do???
Where is this perfect song, 
and where can we get out hands on that boombox?
(remember, the boombox is the key prop in this whole thing)

So readers, we ask you to help us out...brainstorm with us, throw out suggestions, 
I think its high time we had a theme song to back the DTD!

the "bad girl", "the Teenage Rebel", the "Gang Deb", and of course..."the Leader of the Pack":


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