Sunday, March 4, 2012

And the Oscar Goes To...

The Downtown Dolls
for their ever so believable portrayal of a girl gang.

We aren't actresses, this is real life!

But we do enjoy the movies, and we mixed those two, and lots of wine...and we went to the Brooklyn Winery's Oscar Viewing Party!

We got there early, good thing, cause this place fills up fast, and seats go like hotcakes!

We grabbed a prime location to plunk down our bums, and we started in on the fun:

1.) Filling out a questionaire asking us our picks for that night's big winners
(and if we were right with our picks we could win some's been a week, and its safe to say none of the Dolls, or our Fod, Zoe, won--womp womp!)

2.) Making fun of the red carpet celebrities styles, or lack there of.  As an eveningwear designer by trade, I am going to go out on a limb and state the obvious: This year's Oscars LACKED style bigtime!
(or in this case below, it was "safe", and the same thing she always does.)

3.) Getting our drink on...and maybe too much for a Sunday night 
(although I'm going to report that I don't think any of us woke up Monday morning with hangovers, so maybe we didn't drink enough? You be the judge...hmmm)

All in all this is one of my favorite ways to watch award shows.  
Good friends, good drinks, and lots of girlish gab
(i.e. fashion, movies, celebrity gossip)

So while I'll be the first to tell you I don't really enjoy The Brooklyn Winery on a regular night (they're pretentious and overpriced! Just sayin'), It is a great place to be on Oscar night.  It's two years in a row now that I've taken in my viewing pleasure at this place, and I'll probably go back next year too.

Until then, its safe to say the Dolls did NOT know a lot about these movies that were up for awards last week, so we probably have A LOT of much needed movie nights ahead of us!



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