Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April's FOD of the MONTH: SIMON

This month, the Dolls looked to our friendly animal companions when it came time to pick a FOD.  This particular FOD, while a man of few words, makes his prescence known with his dapper demeanor and frisky bedside manner.

The few peeps he does manage to spout forth are in the form of a "MEOW", so lucky for us all, I (Joan Threat) fancy myself a bit of an animal interpreter.  
Ha, do I think I'm Ace Ventura or something?  
Or Caesar, the Dog Whisperer?  

With that being said, please do not hold the Dolls responsible for any untrue events or misleading info.  It's VERY possible whatever I jotted down from mylittle interview with April's FOD, is really just me taking this man's little meeps and peeps and turning them into gibberish of the English language.

Nonetheless, let's meet the lil' guy that has the Dolls clawing their way to pet him as he holds reign as April's FOD of the MONTH!
Heeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee's SIMON!

Say, there lil' kitty...how'd you become friends with the Downtown Dolls?
We became friends by default when my human mom, Messdemeanor, joined this gaggle of girls in their "gang" activity.  They're at my house, in my space, making me get up from my warm spot on the couch nearly 24/7.  They even take over my side of the bed on those late nights when they stumble home giggling it up at 4:00am as if no one is trying to sleep.  So really...if I can be honest here, I have NO CHOICE but to put up with them. So instead of getting all Lion King on their butts, I weighed my options and figured it was best to be cordial and as friendly as I can be in exchange for a few ear rubs and blissful petting.
So far its been a wise decision.  These girls really are easy to woo when I want to some cuddle time.

So are you saying at this point,you'd have claws out, ready to scratch your way thru a rumble if the DTD needed your backup?

Oh yeah...for these girls, when in a scuffle, I'd be ready to get all "LION KING" on the enemy.
But they're a tough group of ladies, not sure they even need my claw or two.

Well thanks lil' man, glad to know you got our backs.
So what do you enjoy doing when not clawing at the enemy, sleeping, or enjoying a petting session?

You can find me being damn near scholarly.  I like to read stuff Messdemeanor leaves open on her computer, I watch programming on the History Channel, and I tend to relax in the comforts of a giant tree tucked into a corner of the living room where I reside. 
Overall I would have to say I'm living the life!

Oh Simon, it seems you're not up for this interview so much so, but we love you anyway...you're like our little mascot.  But I get it, let's make this fast, right??
OK here we go...give me a quick answer, no thinking allowed (which I know is difficult for you not to put some thought into your answers, but just try).

Dogs or humans for friends?

Cat Nip, or sneaking into the real stuff?
The Real Stuff...
for medicinal purposes of course.  I'm no spring chicken, I'm a cat, but I'm of a "mature" age.

The comfy Tree or the couch?
The Tree...that way no one ever makes me get up.

Summer or Winter?
Summer, I enjoy a good catnap in the sunshine from time to time.

Ascot or bowtie?
Pffssshhh, and ascot of course.

I'm truly sorry, but I must be going...I simply do not have anymore time to answer such frivolous questions.  Let's just be happy with the fact I'm your friend and I let you pet me, ok?

Wellll....ok, deal!
Keep being aloof Simon...we love you anyhow.  And thanks for hanging with us, whether its by choice or against your will.   You're the Man!

Interview by: Joan Threat
Photos courtesy of: Messdemeanor


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