Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May's FOD of the Month

You've seen her before on this blog, 

-she's our go-to when we want to volunteer (Last year, the Dolls did FLIP, remember?), 
-when we need someone tall to help us out, (she modeled for Mess Demeanor's Fashion Night Out event, remember?) 
-and when we just want to let the FODs join in on our fun (a time, remember?).  

That's right, you guessed it, May's FOD of the MONTH is none other than:

She's been on our friend radar since the early days of the DTD.  As an old friend of Joan Threat's it was only inevitable that one day she'd be running around with the girl gang from time to time.
Read Joan's little Q&A below to learn more about Moe, the fashion designing, community do-gooder, and all around awesome friend!

1.) How'd you find yourself crossing paths with the Downtown Dolls? (Monique) I’ve been friends with one of it’s founding members (aka Joan Threat) since our college days at KSU.  We were talking one night at our favorite regular dinner hang out (Maryanne’s), about the community service group that I was leading for my church, and Nickie mentioned that the “Dolls” were looking for ways to get involved in the community.  I was leading a group to help serve those in need of food at Tompkins Square Park-called FLIP (Free Lunch in the Park), and some of the girls made it out to help serve the community! It was a great time!

2.) What's the best part of being friends with the Dolls? (Monique) Getting to be around all the different creative personalities.  Plus, they all have great individual fashion taste, and they are funny!

3.) What do you like, find interesting, or appreciate about this sorta hellish, yet sometimes a little angelic, girl gang? (Monique) .  They each seem to be so unique in their own (good) ways.  None of them seem to take themselves too seriously which is a definite plus! Oh, and I like to see how each one embellishes their official denim vests with their own flair!

4.) So you got a new tattoo...your first ever...with the dolls earlier this month.  How was it?  Did it hurt? Would you be up for another one? Tell us what it means, or what it symbolizes to you. Oh, and did you tell your mom yet??? (Monique) It was SUCH a fun day from start to finish!  I’m so glad I did this with you ladies.  I was expecting it to really hurt, but I was plesently surprised that it was much less painful that I thought it would be, I didn’t even flinch!  I’d be up for another one at some point, I’m afraid they could be addictive! I’m telling people that it’s my Starbuck’s order in Chinese-since they can never get it right when I go there for work-(Venti Chai Tea Latte with soy milk, extra hot, it does kind of look like a tea cup with steam coming out of it!~)), and some people are actually buying it!  It actually means “Faith”, which is for my faith in God.  I can look down at my wrist and it’s a constant reminder that I’ll never be given more than I can handle, and that there is a plan much bigger than me.  Nope, I feel so bad,  I haven’t told my mom yet.  I’m going home next weekend, and I thought it might be better to break the ice in person, so she can see that it’s not so bad-fingers crossed J

5.) Ok, so not everyone is going to take a liking to the Downtown Dolls, that's life...but say you were with them one day when a rival girl gang shot daggers their way.  What would you do?  Would you kill them with kindness or whip out some secret weapon we never knew you were toting around?(Monique) Depends if they were literal daggers or verbal ones!  If verbal, I think I could help out, but literal daggers…… I might run for it, sorry girls!

6.) People are probably dying to know at this point what you do for a living...and while I know what your occupation is, why not elaborate upon it and tell us an interesting thing about your line of work, something funny that's happened in the office, or just tell me to shut up. (Monique) (Doubtful that anyone is dying to know what I do) but I am a Fashion Designer for a company called G-III.  I am a designer for the Ladies Suit and Suit Separates lines for Calvin Klein. It’s defiantly not like it’s portrayed on reality TV, it’s A LOT of hard work and long hours, but it’s defiantly worth it once you see the end product.  Funny things happen all the time. I’m shopping in Europe right now for work, and it’s funny how nervous I get trying to take pictures of things in the stores, trying not to get caught, I have to look so obvious, I just know it!  Also, I had 3 different sales people walk in on me in the changing rooms yesterday alone, I mean, no knock or anything, I mean, what if I ACTUALLY was trying these things on! Also, I work with factories overseas to make our development samples.  We think a lot of them are watching American tv or something, b/c every now and then they like to throw out a phrase like “my bad”. It’s just funny the way they use words in context sometimes, but it’s amazing none the less, b/c English isn’t their first language, so you have to give them credit for trying!

7.) If you could plan a hangout session, and the dolls were invited, what would your ideal social agenda be?? (Monique) I’m pretty low key, so maybe a pot luck dinner at someone’s apartment, or a dinner out, …and since there are a lot of fashionista types in the group, it would be fun to do a white elephant gift exchange with a pc. Of cool jewelry or accessory they no longer wanted, then everyone could walk away with a “new” treasure.

8.) And now everybody's favorite, the quickfire round...don't think-just choose fast fast:

-cupcakes or brownies? (Monique) Dark chocolate brownies with dark chocolate chips, peanut butter frosting, and dark chocolate reese’s cups on top!

-ice cream or frozen yogurt (Monique)Moose Tracks Ice Cream

-winter or summer(Monique)Summer

-mountain vacation or tropical getaway? (Monique) Tropical Getaway

-NYC or Ohio? (Monique) NYC for the pace, opportunities, and inspiration, Ohio for loved ones. Sorry, can’t pick just one!

-magazines or novels? (Monique) Magazines to look thru for inspiration in fashion and music, novels to actually read.

-piles of necklaces or a stack of bangles? (Monique)Piles and piles of necklaces!

-puppies or kittens? (Monique) Either one as long as they are in the baby stage, I don’t really like them once they grow up.
(probably not a good idea to tell this full grown cat that!)

-High Heels or flats? (Monique) Mostly flats, unless there is an occasion to get to rock some fun heels.

-dresses or jeans? (Monique) Dresses for the work week, Jeans for the weekend.

-movies or minature golf? (Monique) Movies all the way!

( I realize I broke the rule of only 1 answer on many of the above, but it was what first came to mind )


Rules were meant to be broken, Moe...that's why you get along with the DTD :)
And vice versa!

So Thanks Monique, you're a great fit for May's FOD!
Hang with the Dolls again soon...k?


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hair tude.

So I was planning on blogging about the Great Googamooga this weekend but my plans kind of changes and i ended up missing the full two day smorgasborg of food, drinks and music. I'll have to get the details from Joan Threat and Stevie Kicks who attended both days.

Anywho, with this gorgeous weather, I can't help but think about this Summer and all of the outdoor music/movies {free} that are going on. With this comes some fun summer outfits and most importantly, some fun hair styles to sport when the weather creeps up to almost unbearable. Instead of losing it and chopping it all off, i'll be turning to these fun tutorials:

The first one is from blogger, Marlenka from thegirlnevergetsolder.

I love how she shows two versions of the same style, the one with the flowers would be perfect for an outdoor music festival!

Second, we have a great hair chain tutorial from The Beauty Department. I think this is a great alternative to wearing a scarf and definitely would rock with a night out with the dolls. 

This third one isn't really a tutorial but just a really great hairstyle that I wish I could recreate on my own. I guess I'll just need to find someone that could french braid.

If all else fails, there's always the super popular fishtail side braid. here's a great tutorial from the ladies at The Beauty Department:

I can't wait to get this summer started already! I'll definitely be trying out a few of these tutorials myself.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crafty Dolls: Terrariums in the Park

The Dolls have been upping their crafting game lately. Mess Demeanor & Snowflake recently attended a Greepointers class that taught them how to make lovely little terrariums. They came out this Sunday to show the other Dolls what they learned and spend some quality DIY time in the park.

Terrariums are miniature landscapes and can be created in any sort of container. We started with some glass, big & small.

Added a layer of rocks. 

Layered on some charcoal, soil and then got to decorating with moss, pebbles, plants & figurines.

The finished products!

With a little appearance from Mr. Ulysses S. Grant courtesy of Joan Threat. 

Simple as that! It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn and we're feeling pretty accomplished for creating something before we hit the streets for a standard afternoon of beers & booze.



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get These Girls some INK!

Yesterday, three of the dolls and our FOD (friend of the Dolls), Monique, headed down to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for some much wanted tattoo work.

Our trip to Brooklyn Made Tattoo turned out to be a pretty fun Saturday afternoon
Upon arrival, we were impressed by the environment and cool nostalgia of the shop.
In addition, the tattoo artists and manager kept us laughing all afternoon, 
and vice versa I'm sure...
C'mon, when have The Dolls ever not been able to bring a few laughs to the scene?

 After a few quick consultations, a smoke break or two, it was time to get the party started!

 Let's get these Dolls INKED!!!

First up...Stevie Kicks.  The talented John took her into his chair and started his handy work.
BTW, Stevie got roman numerals tattooed on her upper forearm signifying the date she moved to NYC.
Very cool!

Next up, it was my turn.  
Damien inflicted the pain, but it was all worth it.

And just so you don't think I'm a complete wus, after about 5min of some severe tendon + needle action, I was back in regular form...piss n vinegar and unnecessary remarks!

After Stevie was finished, Monique the FOD, saddled up for her first tattoo EVER.
John was prepared for a newbie, but Monique took it like a pro.

She got a little tat meaning "FAITH", very nicely done.

And after much deliberation,

and a hilarious stress added to Damien's worday, Messdemeanor was finally content with outline and size of her Ant tattoo.

And a great lil' guy resulted!  
(PS-I love it Mess!)

So big thanks to all the peeps at Brooklyn Made Tattoo!
We appreciate your patience with a gaggle of girls like us.

While we missed having Snowflake along for the journey (she was out of town), its safe to say this was a super fun time! A great way to spend quality time with the gals on a Saturday!
I look forward to many more momentous days like this...
and possibly more ink, the gang logo?!?!?
(who's down?)


And thx Stevie, for letting me steal your Instagram pic for this post.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Beach Bods Girl Gang Style

So the other three Dolls have been putting me to shame with all their healthy food and hours at the gym.  I've never been much for getting myself in shape for the summer.  But as you get older, let's face it, a little effort is required.  Being healthy and in good shape is important but I don't know that I will ever go near a treadmill so here are some cooler alternatives to get the heart rate going:

Roller skating!  I suck at anything with wheels so the challenge alone ought to whip me into shape.  I expect to be doing this pretty soon.   I'm picturing Joan Threat rolling me around like this dude. 

Jump rope competitions!  I used to be great at these, but I tried to jump rope solo a few years ago and it did not go over well.  I need the double dutch ropes.  Plus how awesome would the gang look doing this in our vests?

Photo found here:

And finally, and perhaps most obviously, choreographed gang rumbles!  You can't go wrong with a good dance number.  

Beach body, here I come!

love and punches,
Mess Demeanor

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April's FOD of the MONTH: SIMON

This month, the Dolls looked to our friendly animal companions when it came time to pick a FOD.  This particular FOD, while a man of few words, makes his prescence known with his dapper demeanor and frisky bedside manner.

The few peeps he does manage to spout forth are in the form of a "MEOW", so lucky for us all, I (Joan Threat) fancy myself a bit of an animal interpreter.  
Ha, do I think I'm Ace Ventura or something?  
Or Caesar, the Dog Whisperer?  

With that being said, please do not hold the Dolls responsible for any untrue events or misleading info.  It's VERY possible whatever I jotted down from mylittle interview with April's FOD, is really just me taking this man's little meeps and peeps and turning them into gibberish of the English language.

Nonetheless, let's meet the lil' guy that has the Dolls clawing their way to pet him as he holds reign as April's FOD of the MONTH!
Heeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee's SIMON!

Say, there lil''d you become friends with the Downtown Dolls?
We became friends by default when my human mom, Messdemeanor, joined this gaggle of girls in their "gang" activity.  They're at my house, in my space, making me get up from my warm spot on the couch nearly 24/7.  They even take over my side of the bed on those late nights when they stumble home giggling it up at 4:00am as if no one is trying to sleep.  So really...if I can be honest here, I have NO CHOICE but to put up with them. So instead of getting all Lion King on their butts, I weighed my options and figured it was best to be cordial and as friendly as I can be in exchange for a few ear rubs and blissful petting.
So far its been a wise decision.  These girls really are easy to woo when I want to some cuddle time.

So are you saying at this point,you'd have claws out, ready to scratch your way thru a rumble if the DTD needed your backup?

Oh yeah...for these girls, when in a scuffle, I'd be ready to get all "LION KING" on the enemy.
But they're a tough group of ladies, not sure they even need my claw or two.

Well thanks lil' man, glad to know you got our backs.
So what do you enjoy doing when not clawing at the enemy, sleeping, or enjoying a petting session?

You can find me being damn near scholarly.  I like to read stuff Messdemeanor leaves open on her computer, I watch programming on the History Channel, and I tend to relax in the comforts of a giant tree tucked into a corner of the living room where I reside. 
Overall I would have to say I'm living the life!

Oh Simon, it seems you're not up for this interview so much so, but we love you're like our little mascot.  But I get it, let's make this fast, right??
OK here we go...give me a quick answer, no thinking allowed (which I know is difficult for you not to put some thought into your answers, but just try).

Dogs or humans for friends?

Cat Nip, or sneaking into the real stuff?
The Real Stuff...
for medicinal purposes of course.  I'm no spring chicken, I'm a cat, but I'm of a "mature" age.

The comfy Tree or the couch?
The Tree...that way no one ever makes me get up.

Summer or Winter?
Summer, I enjoy a good catnap in the sunshine from time to time.

Ascot or bowtie?
Pffssshhh, and ascot of course.

I'm truly sorry, but I must be going...I simply do not have anymore time to answer such frivolous questions.  Let's just be happy with the fact I'm your friend and I let you pet me, ok?

Wellll....ok, deal!
Keep being aloof Simon...we love you anyhow.  And thanks for hanging with us, whether its by choice or against your will.   You're the Man!

Interview by: Joan Threat
Photos courtesy of: Messdemeanor